What Happened to the Golden Age of Hollywood?

I watched a movie called Universal Soldier the other day. I was surprised and amazed... by how terrible it was. A friend of mine claimed that the movie was like watching men older than his dad fighting.

It's that bad.

In fact, these past couple of years, there are no films that have a big impact in the world of movies. There are no recent films that are unforgettable. What happened to the 90's when Tarantino made a new style of a heist movie with Reservoir Dogs? Or when Spielberg touched everyone's hearts and changed people's perceptions on aliens with ET (yes, I personally think aliens exist)?

Alfred Hitchcock said that we are living in a postmodern era and that there are no way filmmaking can start something new. I agree with him.

I know how classic films don't really appeal to the younger generations so I searched for (kinda) new art films. People should watch art films to really know how to judge a quality of a movie. Don't go to the cinema. Raid the DVD store for:

Appreciate true art.


faisal said...

you know what hadi.
Yesterday I was watching Top Gun and and I must say that Top Gun is far much more better than Mission Impossible.
90's rock.

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