Mom Hurls Daughter from Mall Balcony


A 41-year-old mother hurled her daughter before she kills herself last Sunday afternoon at one mall on the 7th floor in Hong Kong. The young girl survived after landing in a net below and suffered no injuries - police said.

The family was having their lunch at the mall and reports said there was an argument between the child's parents shortly before the incident. Somehow the mother had no history of mental illness and family did not have a background of domestic violence.

*source taken from NDTV

From my point of view:-
There is always another way or solution to solve a problem instead of committing suicide. As parents, you should always put into consideration your child's needs instead of your own. However tempting the prospect of solving your problems through ending your life there are always consequences. The most repulsive thing about this whole situation is the fact that a mother would willingly take away the life of her child. A child who had no say in this matter, a child who had a whole life ahead of her.


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