EAT Your "Nose Shit" it can improve your health ! =p


Sorry that this article is in Chinese, so i do a bit of translate to this article

This is about a doctor in Australia, he found out eat the residue in the nose after u drag it out may improve your health. The residue can improve the lymphatic system and the experiment had prove that people who use finger to drag the things out are more healthy and they are more happy. 

In scientific view, nose act like a filter, it collect a lots of bacteria, when this bacteria reach to stomach and intestine area it become certain that of medicine.

The doctor had advice to encourage the children to build this behavior which drag the residue and eat.


sookmun said...

I couldn't believe is ridiculous...and i think there are many people not dare to take this "challenge" somehow..

~@Jessine@~ said...

ewww... he tried before he said this i guess? ewww
i am glad that i'm not his kid thou~ hahaha! he might force me to eat it

szeshim said...

i rmb a Cantonese idiom.

traslation in eng:
large bacteria to eat the small bacteria, the small bacteria when the tonic.

small drama.
ss:"kid, eat yout nose shit."
ss:"good for your."
kid:"it's so dirty!"

i can't imagine i tell this to my kid.
really omg.D: btw,i dun dare to eat it.


Amanda said...

hahaha.. this is so funny! lets go try some nose shit lol

KATH-woman said...

This super disgusting!! Dig and eat nose shit??Hahah.. Damn that sounds nasty! Ewwww..

eva jamphree said...

hahaha. i like this fact!

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