Girl Getting Bashed, Officials Just Look On


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Rick Sanchez and Brooke Baldwin discuss a videotaped beating where security officers appear to refuse to intervene.

According to the discussion, the security officers in the videotape are following the policy not to intervene in a violent situation; under the King County Metro Transit policy. This happened in Seattle.

So let's sit back for a while and think about this. Don't you think it's wrong to just watch that kind of thing happen and not do anything about it. Yes, it's a policy, but, a girl was being bashed right in front of your eyes!
And if they didn't notice, someone stole the injured girl's stuff.

So, what do you guys think? I think it's just wrong and they need to change the policy, or change something so something like this won't happen again.


praveent. said...

this is wrong in all ways. where did the security guards brain gone?? they don't even deserve to be call security guards or even a human. i rather call them devils.

Ling_小由由 said...

it's totally wrong! i mean, first of all those security guard should stop them at the first time. they even look bigger in size then the one who hit the girl... those security guard just like watching a show in front of them...not even helping after the person ran off.hey,the girl is laying on the floor, at least DO SOMETHING!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

its crazy...being a security guards, their job is to take care the surrounding..but they act as a bystander where just look at the poor girl being beaten..and there are 3guards in sure they able to dismiss the fight as well...they dont deserve to be security guard at all..quit your jobs man

FieQa//Nyanko said...

They say its part of the policy they are following not to intervene in kind of violence that happen around the area, and if there's some fighting going on, they should call for back up/ police.
The security guards job are to keep people away from oncoming buses...observe and report... etc.
Just think, observe and report, by the time 911 arrives, everything is done.
So yeah. They should do something; change the policy or fix the policy.

cecilia said...

exactly, they really should change the policy, even normal people see others fighting also have the intention to stop them. and see what are they? they are security guards and not doing their jobs, security guards are only for display only? totally speechless.

HaDi said...

these kinds of things make me lose faith in humanity.

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