13-year-old girl caught having sex at stairwell


A MAN caught his 13-year-old niece having sex with her boyfriend at the stairwell of a condominium, reported Sinar Harian.

The man was suspicious of the girl’s behaviour, as she constantly sneaked out of the house between 2am and 4am, and decided to spy on her.

It is understood that the niece was staying with him as her mother was hospitalised.

A police source said the uncle caught the couple in the act and brought the girl home.

The source said the girl often met with her lover at the same stairwell between 2.30am and 4am.

The case is being investigated as statutory rape as the girl is underaged.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed that a 20-year-old man had been detained to assist in investigations.

“The suspect was arrested on Wednesday at the same condominium after a police report was lodged by the victim’s uncle,” he said.

source:the star newspaper, or the star online

> this is an old news (5th february).. but i really feel like commenting about it

>i'm not being conservative on this issue, but the girl is only 13 years old. even during the olden time people only get married when they were 15 or 16 right? and she is only 13! how much does she really know? despite the fact that the girl is really "love" that guy, what about the guy? he cant think or what? having sex with underage girl is ILLEGAL, at least in Malaysia.

who is going to take the responsibility if anything happens? the guy? is he afford to?i strongly bet no. and because of the desire and actually "ruining" two people's future. worth it or not? i will say not worth it at all..

and then right, having sex at stairwell, get a room la if you do not want to get caught, cheapskate la!


SuWern said...

We recognise the fact that teenagers are becoming so-called 'more matured' than how it used to be in the past. However, this is just too much. 13 year old! We can't call that mature, it's just NOT. What I can say is, teenagers nowadays are becoming more and more open. What's the cause? Mass media? For exposing too much 'unwanted' information to these children? Interesting topic to be explore XD

cecilia said...

for what i think is everyone thinks they are matured no matter what age they are at. but when they slowly grow up and look back to the past, i think almost everyone will laugh at themselves for how childish they used to be. agree?hehe.. in this case, the 13 year old girl, is a victim but she didn't know how to protect herself so yeah, i think she is at fault too just that not as much as the GUY..

~@Jessine@~ said...

the guy is pretty cheapskate thou
i mean like...is he too desperate?
btw, i think the girl is kinda stupid also...
since she is a malaysian, i guess she is suppose to know that its illegal to do that? or she thinks that even though they got caught, she got no harm at all since she can sue the guy back?

and...they even got caught in act...
i wonder are they embarrassed?

cecilia said...

hahah...Most probably is because of Guys usually do not think about the consequences of having sex with underage girls. the girl is a malaysian, but WHAT IF the guy says u dont give me means you dun love me that kind of crap? if she thinks that she got no harm at all then i will say she is the most stupid ones. needless to say what other people will think about her, her PARENTS' feelings??? dam hurtful isnt it?

thats VERY embarrassing..VERY...=P

praveent. said...

the world this days are changing. This would badly effect the image of teenagers in Malaysia and people will start stereotyping US in a different way.

cecilia said...

yea, this is just wrong.. not like im against-ing premarital sex or what, IMO, i think even US are not that bad, just that Malaysia teenager never been exposed to such education OPENLY as US therefore they always feel curious to find out how is it like. who should we blame if we really come to think of it? the media? hahaha.. shall discuss about this..XD

Michelle Wong said...

true to what cecilia says. it's not our culture so therefore some ppl are interested and curious to find out abt it. but yeahh, the location seems a lil odd? haha no sense hee. but srsly, even seeing PDAs in msia is weird but in US, i think it's pretty normal yeahh?

Bunny said...

If a 13 year old girl can do such illicit acts such as this, I wonder what will the younger generation do.

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