Hello Fascination - Yika Yiku

My close friends in college know that I don't have a TV nor a radio at my rented house. Neither a broadband. But that doesn't stop me from doing research or whatever so on.

One fine Sunday morning (late December 2009), I was with my friend at Starbucks; helping her to do her research. While she was doing her research, I browsed around MySpace Music to look what is new and which song is on the top of the list. Surprisingly, a duo electronica band which I used to adore hits the number one spot with their first single from their second album, Hello Fascination. (december 2009 myspace chart)

Yes them - Breathe Carolina from Denver, Colorado. Kyle Even and David Schmitt have never give their hopes down since their Gossip EP got removed from iTunes three years ago. Instead of moving backward, these two young gentlemen recorded their first album by using GarageBand and signed up with Rise Records last two years. Three of their members pulled themselves up three years ago right after Gossip EP was out and I have no idea why. (question mark)

So anyhow, back to the topic. Hello Fascination has thirteen tracks and I have to admit that some of their songs are very catchy. But I don't really like their first single song - Hello Fascination. Even the video clip too. So ohkay, the girl in the video is quite beautiful but yet the effect doesn't attract me at all .

I don't feel regret, buying their album via iTunes. Ok I do have the feeling of 2% regrets for buying it online while actually I can just simply download the songs illegally but still, the quality isn't the same.

Released on August 18 2009 and from what I see that this duo band gotta put some effort in making good electro music. It's not that their songs aren't the best, yes it's nice. Well, I can't say much. You gotta purchase their album :D

Track Listing:
1. Hello Fascination
2. I’m The Type of Person to Take Things Personal
3. Take Me to Infinity
4. Dressed Up to Undress
5. I.D.G.A.F. (I Don't Give A Fuck)
6. Welcome To Savannah
7. I Have To Go Return Some Video Tapes
8. The Dressing Room
9. Tripped and Fell in Portland
10. Can I Take You Home?
11. My Obsession
12. Velvet
13. Rescue

***additional information - gotta listen to Can I Take You Home?, I.D.G.A.F, Tripped and Fell in Portland and Dressed Up to Undress :))

What else that I have to say? Well, that's my review over this album. I know it's quite an old album but I yet want to promote it because I believe some of us don't know who is Breathe Carolina. :) And to the party people, probably this album can help you =D

add them @ http://www.myspace.com/breathecarolina


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