A sister's sacrifice. Or was it?

If anyone has taken the time off to read the newspapers today, specifically The Star, you would have probably noticed the main headline in the papers stating "Sister's Sacrifice". According to the news report a double storey shophouse in Jitra (wherever that is) was on fire. The tenants rushed out leaving a 7 year old boy sound asleep in his bed. His 10 year old sister whom was several steps from the door went back to rescue him. Now, this is all very touching and courageous because my 10 year old brother would NEVER do such a thing. I'd bet my life on it. But really, if she never actually made it out of the house in the first place how does the reporter know that she went back to save her little brother, not some barbie doll toy she really really liked. The girl never made it back out to tell her story. So how does this reporter know what really went down unless he, being all dedicated to news reporting actually threw himself in that fire to get some sort of an interview. Yes, she was found in the very same bedroom her brother had been sleeping in but perhaps by some coincidence her favorite toy was in that particular room? Yes? No? Maybe? Not that i'm saying she is uncompassionate, i don't doubt the fact that she may have loved her brother so much she'd risk her life for him but how do we know the real story if it never came out from the horse's mouth? Their two other brothers hadn't even noticed that they'd been missing until it was too late. So what is the real story? Was it just some ploy to capture reader's attention, because it most certainly caught mine.


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