Hadi: Pitbull is Bullpoop.

Tell me, how can you listen to Pitbull over and over again without getting sick? Nowadays, music is, excuse my language, like poo. Every pop singer uses the same style of music, the same style of vocal, the same style of lyrics for God's sake.

For example, Hotel by Pitbull. "Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel." this was a line taken from the song. I couldn't believe it at first. Seriously, "hotel"? Take a few milliseconds to realize how stupid it sounds.

"We got the hotel, motel holla' them here." Why would Pitbull stays in a motel when he's a player. It doesn't make sense. He's an idiot. I hate him. He's a dumb-dumb. (Please excuse the immaturity of the author.)

Akon objectifies women. Enough said. No one should listen to his songs. In one of his songs, he said "Damn you're a sexy bitch." Yes, he said that to a woman. I don't know what people feel about this, to me, it's disgusting. He's and idiot. I hate him. He's a dumb-dumb. (Again, please excuse the immaturity of the author.)

All the songs are about clubbing, hot chicks, drinking and, well, clubbing.

Don't listen to the radio, people. Pop music has lost its dignity.


shun said...

i have exactly the same problem with akon!
i hate the way he describes a woman in his music.
it is as though woman are objects not human with feelings. not to mention the music video for his songs are just obscene and degrades woman to the max!
i dont understand why everyone practically worships the path he treads.

HaDi said...

maybe coz he got a lamboghini =P

yika yiku said...

i hate pitbull to the max and i have no idea why people love his i know you want song. everytime the radio (especially era) plays his song, i'll change channel. heh.

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