Universal Soldier

This movie is not worth watching, I watched the movie couple of days ago and to me it is a bad movie, I mean who wants to watch 2 old men fight, and resurrect soldiers who act like zombies. Yes it is a heavy action movie, but the stunts are lame, the actors are too old, and the storyline is boring.I slept throughout the whole movie, but there were also a few scene that kept me awake, which is the fighting scene that involve a lot of violence, if this movie shows more violence,maybe I won't fall asleep. Amazingly this movie is rated 6 stars on imdb.com, well nowadays people just don't know how to tell a good movie.
Check out the movie's overview on; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1288403/

It was last year movie but it was released in Malaysia last month.


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