My Professor Is A Murderer

she has the evil look. no doubt about it -_-

First of all, Happy Lunar New Year to all of my Chinese friends. ∆

The title says it. A biology professor from University of Alabama pulled a trigger at a faculty meeting and guess what! Three were down and another three injured.

Known as Amy Bishop, she was handcuffed by police last Friday and charged under capital murder, which also could bring her to death as her penalty. What amazes me is that Bishop is a neurobiologist who used to be a student from Harvard University and she concerns about her students in school yet have this kind of attitude. Like what the crap right?

Some say she's not a good teacher and that's why she's quite known in the university. Hence, she's a genius. Heh.

more details

University of Alabama in Huntsville is a famous university as they are way too advance in the technology systems. I wonder why they have such people living there.


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