panties = love ?

on the 8th of feb 2010, the star newspaper printed an article about an anti-valentine group.

the story is that on the 29th of jan, female students of higher learning institutes in Shah Alam were persuaded to skip wearing underwear on valentine's day. this apparently is done to show their 'true love' for their 'boyfriend'. and these anti-valentine group are 'worried' that this will lead to sex orgies or something equivalent to that. thus the article. it is reported in the article that "a few of its teacher activists ( from The Secretariat Against Social Ills Penang aka Unggas) were even surprised to find students openly discussing it."

what bothers me is that instead of spending time on educating youth about sex, about how to respect the other gender and how to 'control our own urges', they are instead wasting time worrying about "student openly discussing about it" and anti-ing these activities.
imagine that if Malaysian youths are educated about this matter, do u think Unggas would be worried? because the chances are that our youths are educated, they will know what should be done and what not to be done.

but what bothers me the most is them hyping up this issue when there are other more important issues going on but left unreported. such a waste of trees.


KATH-woman said...

First, going "Commando" on Valentines Day is like saying come get between my legs..
Is this the new way of saying 'I love you'? Funny.. I find this so ridiculous..
The person who came up with this idea is such a pudding head! But I can't believe that some were even considering doing it.. Gosh! What were they thinking..

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