reduce, reuse, recycle

Today have seen our senior's exhibition at L3- MPH. The theme is about how to make the earth more healthy by reuse, reduce and recycle. I think this exhibition is very sucessful as it had deliver a message to every people that had go into that exhibition. This exhibition was take part by all mass communication student :) (And what was truth is that Miss Nalenna was beautiful with the two big ear ring and the make up :D) Through this exhibition, I had learn that every people is the media. They always deliver the msg through conversation. No matter what course you in, how old are you, what gender are you and also what race and religion you belong, what language you use, it's doesn't matter, the important part was that a msg had delivered. The theme of the exhibition was very appropriate for this society nowadays as many people had realized how important was the environment to them. It's time for us to take action to protect our mother land and don forget to join the "EARTH HOUR" at 27 March 2010 at this saturday from 8.30pm-9.30pm.

Peace <3


- Jie - said...

senior's exhibition make me feel scare. :/
will try to use Tupperware when packing food.
will try to use recycle bag while shopping :D
heeeheee. let's save the environment :D

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