Hey people! i watched this movie last saturday...
Alto it's not in 3D.sad to say that i watched in Summit which can never affort 3D movies =(
Neway, its called HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.

My bro drag me into the cinema at first. i tot this is gona be like the Sherk or toys stories...
But... it was actually really nicE! ahha... I think this movie is really really cute!
Its a bout a barbarian kid who lived in a place where everyone, everyone except him kills dragons. Apparently, he's the son of the so called *Ketua*.
the movie is produced mainly to the kids... so its scary and at the same time making the kids feel safe by having the cute looking dragons that means no harm and all.
I think the movie is more towards trust and faith. Its a father-son thingy.

Theres this girl named Astrid that i really liked! =p At first when i saw her, i was imagining how would i like in those *barbarian* outfits (compared to Zena the worrior princess, this is even better) and also her hair! omg! she's blone, she's skinny, tall, pretty, strong (Actually more towards manly but the combination of her is just awesome) But manly hmmm.. she too got herself into trouble with the dragon and nearly cried about it. oh well, she kissed a guy too. haha somehow, they just combined her in a way that makes me like her =p
And guess wat? the dragons are really really cute! haha completely harmless...
The way the hero in the movie communicates with the dragon is so hillarious!
Well, some of you guys have not watch it yet so i'm not gona crack the endings and all.
I just think it's a good movie. Oh, one more thing that is taugh tru this movie is that saying sorry is not hard at all. when you're in a trouble, apologizing is a way to start. So watch it ppl! try 3D there's gona be lota flying and flamings =p


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