Technology Gone Wild :D

Innovators,scientists and geniuses of the technology field are developing more advanced gadgets and machineries day by day,no doubt.

"Wow," says a friend.

There might be one day when we don't even have to lift a finger to eat because there's a robotic hand feeding us with robotic cutleries while the food is on a robotic plate that auto-washes and another robotic hand wiping your mouth clean -end of sentence-

Relevantly, there is an interesting forum that I've discovered months before and I'm eager to share it here.The initiate, David Wong, is well-known for his photoshop contests that reward FIVE THOUSAND pennies ($50) to the winner. This particular theme is called Grossly Unnecessary Updates to Modern Technology.
Check out some of the best entries.
Photos courtesy of

A reminder that sometimes we don't have to be too advanced to discover the meaning of life.
Just Google it.
(see how important media is)


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