'Hand of God' gets attacked in the face

Argentine football legend savagely attacked in the face by his pet Shar Pei after trying to comfort it.

Famously known for his amazing skills on a football field and infamously known for his ‘Hand of God’ act at the 1986 World Cup which led to England’s exit that year, Diego Armando Maradona has one more infamous act to add to his illustrious career.

It all started when Bela, Maradona’s pet Shar Pei was suffering from a stomach illness that day and crept into the football star’s bedroom at around 1am. As Diego bent over to kiss his ill pet on the lips, the dog snapped and took a big chunk out of the footballer’s face.

The 49-year old star was rushed to the hospital with a bleeding mouth and was administered anti-tetanus jabs before having to have micro-surgery on his upper lips.

According to The Sun, a spokesperson for the hospital Maradona was admitted to said that, "He was evaluated by plastic surgeons and taken to an operating room, where they carried out reconstructive surgery on his upper lip."

Maradona, upset at his dog’s behavior, fears that he may have to put his dog down after the ordeal that left him traumatized and severely injured.

AaronxLee :: One word, OUCH!


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