Hadi Likes 'Rojak'


It's been a long time since I've been here because I've been busy lately... Okay, that's a lie.

Now, I've read some books that are quite heavy like 'Satanic Verses' by Salman Rushdie (You might be wondering how I got this book though it was banned. My brother found it in a second-hand bookstore) but this book is too heavy and, honestly, I couldn't understand shiit(ake mushrooms). I'm not cursing, it's a name of a Japanese food.

BUT, I have found a "bite-size" book that truly is interesting. It's called 'Rojak' by Amir Mohamad. This book really is the shi(h tzu)! It's a compilation of many short stories in one book.

The stories in this book truly captures the essence of every Malaysians. Our lifestyles, our slangs, our music, our food, everything.

When I recommended this book to some of my friends, they'd say "I don't read, man." The thing is, this book is very light, its contents and its actual physical weight. Every short stories is no more than two pages. Also, the language that Amir Mohamad used in this book is really, really Malaysian-like and simple.

I wouldn't say Amir Mohamad is a genius. I wouldn't say that this is the best book Malaysia have ever produced. But 'Rojak' truly is a book that is just so... tasty.

Trust me, this post is no bullshit(surakuen).


Hadi said...

I forgot to upload pictures of the book. Shoot.

Also, I didn't finish 'Satanic Verses' obviously. I read like five pages then I gave up.

Amir Muhammad said...

Thank you ;-)

There is a video!


I love "Midnight's Children", it's easier than "The Satanic Verses", too.

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